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For prospective house buyers that are looking at the Ocala place as a potential destination, the city and the county as a whole provides home buyers a healthy collection of housing options to choose from.  Available housing options in Marion County range from conventional areas, gated villages, condo developments, and sprawling retirement communities.

Prospective home seekers seeking a house can truly find everything here.  In districts such as Silver Springs Shores and Marion Oaks, there are older, more established residential improvements that are still experiencing strong growth, and there are newer subdivision improvements like Fore Ranch and Heath Brook homes for sale in ocala fl under 100,000.

Marion County's market has had its share of highs and lows over the recent decades, but most analysts are optimistic that it will stay to be comparatively strong.  Two factors are noted to feel that the county's continuing economic upswing: Technology along with a stable manufacturing base was noted to be the significant aspects in the Milken Institute's recent move to rate Ocala since 2007's top city in the country for job growth.

Unlike many other Florida metropolitan areas, Ocala greatly depends upon the manufacturing sector, where Lockheed Martin's circuit-board facility is a significant contributor, the institute reports.  The city's high-technology sector is growing also, and Lockheed Martin has been building missile control systems in its own regional facility, also Intellon is expanding its line of integrated circuits into new products.  The county also has been bringing new manufacturing jobs from different areas as well.

The southern areas of the county will also be home to a section of their large Villages retirement community, in addition to other retirement villages which have sprung up recently in the place.  Located west of the State Road 200 corridor, a retiree hub On Top of the World, along with Oak Run is located here, along with retirement destinations.

The county building department has suggested that home growth in Marion County, such as the majority of south and central Florida, is largely being driven by retiring baby boomers that are moving from colder northern regions, as well as the area's growing employment opportunities.  The county building department notes it seems that residential building activity will go back from the fall of 2008 to levels that are stable.

In order to effectively manage the requirements of their middle and low-income housing sections, the county has begun to offer many innovative affordable housing plans for income-eligible households.

These affordable home plans include the State Housing Initiative Partnership or SHIP, in Addition to the Community Development Block Grant or CDBG for a house renovation or purchase outside of the city limits of Ocala.  As stated by the county Property Appraiser, 6,812 residential units are sold in Marion County to date this year.  In 2006, 13,314 sales were processed in contrast.

For second and new home buyers, the city of Ocala supplies a wide range of housing choices to choose from.  Local property agents here are glad to give you a guided tour of existing and new developments in areas including Silver Springs Shores, Marion Oaks, Rainbow Lakes Estates, Rainbow Park, Woods, and Lakes and many others.  Home options here include new Homes and estates, starter homes, luxury estates, and farms also.